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Aesthetic Appeal

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Let’s face the facts a little bit.

In today’s day and age, looks go a long way. This is true for a very large number of things and this applies to towns, cities, and countries across the world. This may seem shallow but remember the question that I proposed you ask yourself when analyzing a certain area, “would I bring my family here?

Safety is Priority #1

This question goes further than simply wanting some family photographs to come out looking pretty. This question encompasses many different factors but the most important one is the safety of you and your family.

When we look at areas that we are trying to develop economically like Nièvre, we want everyone that enters the region to feel completely safe and comfortable while they are there.

Again being realistic, there are a number of factors that will turn people away from an area and make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable being there. One of the biggest things that can lead to this outcome is the overall appearance and look of the area in general.

This is why revitalizing any economic region begins with the reconstruction of many of the buildings, homes, and businesses. This is no easy task however and is a huge investment for any elected official or stakeholder to make so you want to make sure you have a definitive plan of attack before you propose anything to anyone.