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Just to give you a little overview of what Fibre-Active was hired to do, I wanted to share the main principles behind the agency when they were hired for Nièvre.

The redefinition of the missions of “the Development Agency of Nièvre Economy” materialized June 28, 2002 by the birth of “active fibre.” For the first time in France, an economic development agency gave an identity through a trademark and a specific name: active fibre.

Three founding principles governed the birth of the active fibre concept:

“The Willingness of Elected Officials and Stakeholders”

It is indeed a voluntary approach expressed in the first place by Marcel Charmant, Chairman of the General Council of Nièvre. But it is also the will of all the founding members of active fibre of which the Board was deliberately composed of 27 members representing corporations:

The General Council

Local authorities (Agglomeration Community of Communities and Country)

The inter consular

National companies responsible implanted in the Nièvre

And as associate members, partners of state services and administration

“Mobilizing for the Future”

In this expression, though all the determination we understand that characterizes the will of our members. Their conviction that economic development is mainly the result of the mobilization, in the same direction, all the energies of the actors of a territory.

“In a partnership inter tool”

One can indeed convince outside the territory, the territorial Nièvre offers a tempting destination that insofar as the territorial marketing of the vision of our department is shared by all its actors. The active fibre concept was wanted to create a place for determining the shared vision of the product Nièvre.

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