Going Further

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Now that you have compiled a list together of some of your top picks of licensed & insured contractors that meet all of the essential criteria for your potential project, you can start looking a little bit closer at your choices and begin narrowing down even further.

Get to know them Personally

shakeAssuming that the teams that made it on your list that you have compiled meets all of the necessary requirements, you can begin talking to and getting to know these contractors on a more personal level to help you with your decisions.

Remember what we talked about last time, any hopes of revitalization for any area or project is only going to be as successful as the team that you hire to do the actual construction. This is why it helps to get to know the teams that you want to hire and somewhat use a little bit of intuition or gut feeling by feeling them out.

This is where you want to look at all of the paperwork in person and in great detail to make sure that everything checks out and you are dealing with an honest contractor. If they are hesitant to answer any questions or reluctant to show any paperwork at all, then it is time to cross them off the list.

Keep in mind that these sort of projects generally take months, and even years to complete so you want to make sure you hire a team that you can handle working with for such a long stretch of time.


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