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We touched on a very important topic yesterday is regards to getting investors on board with any major project and what you should expect to prepare for in order to do so.

Assuming you prepared your investors’ dream presentation by addressing any and all of their concerns and they are on board, you can begin networking out to contractors and start getting a plan together.

Using your Resources

Living in this modern day and age where the internet and other various technological resources are common practice, you have the world at your fingertips in regards to building relationships with reputable contractors to carry out the work. You should start by exploring all of your options and don’t be afraid to be picky when it comes to hiring a team of contractors for any project.

For example, using websites and directories like here at AGC is a great way to being compiling a list of some of the most reputable contracting companies for any specific area. Start by doing a little research on as many of them as you can and get an idea of your options.

contractorYou become the Investor

At the end of the day, the contractors and agencies that you hire are ultimately responsible for making your vision come to fruition. All of your great ideas and concepts for revamping any specific area are only as good as the contractors that you decide to hire.

When you are searching for your “dream team,” put yourselves in the shoes of your investors. You are trying to sell them on their return and this is exactly what you should be hearing from potential contractors because you are ultimately investing in the work that they do for you.

We can take a look here at as an example of what I mean by a reputable, licensed & insured contractor. Once the imperative criteria is met for your list of choices (which can be seen with the example), you can begin the face-to-face interaction process and start narrowing down even further which I will talk about next.

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