Bring People In

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The principles that I talked about on my last post which governed Fibre-Active back when they were working with Nièvre were taken word for word from our old campaign strategy and might be little difficult to grasp for those who might not have a general understanding of an economic development agency.

This is the main reason I decided to create this page and try to help explain things in more ‘lamens terms’ so that anyone can understand these concepts.

If I could sum up the general mission of Fibre-Active, and all development agencies for that matter, it would have to be attempting to create an environment that will attract and excite people to be a part of. I understand that this is a very general statement and this is much easier said than done, but that’s why I am taking the time to lay some of these ideas out this format.

When I look at a city or area as a whole from the outside I generally ask myself this question:

poor“Would I want to take my family on a weekend getaway here?”

If the answer is no, then this is where a team like Fibre-Active comes in and implements a plan of attack to turn that answer around.

This is where the whole economic development process begins and let me be the one to tell you, it is no simple process.

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